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Storage Space

Jeans material can be stored in a cool, dry place, Avoid direct sunlight and dampness to prevent fading and mold growth. Use protective covers or bags for long-term storage. Keep material away from mothballs and strong fragrances.

Cutting Department

Cutting subdivision is ane of the nearly of import subdivision for manufacturing garments inwards Garments Factory.There is a procedure or sequence which is strictly followed inwards the cutting subdivision of a garment manufacturing industry.

Embroidery & printing

Embroidery and printing are popular methods for decorating clothing and accessories. Embroidery involves stitching designs onto fabric, while printing involves adding designs onto the surface of an item. Both methods allow for custom designs, logos, and personalized text to be added to items, making them unique and special. Whether for personal or commercial use, embroidery and printing offer a variety of options for customizing apparel and accessories.

Stitching Department

Sewing is the most important operation in the process of garment making or other similar products. Sewing means joining different parts of garments with the use of a needle and thread. Without needle and thread, we can also make garments by using alternative methods of joining like adhesive, welding, etc. Generally, there are two things involved in the sewing process, i. e. stitches and seams. Sewing is the most important among all the processes of garment joining. The main purpose of sewing is to produce seams.

Denim Washing

Denim washing is an aesthetic finish that enhances the appeal and strength of the denim fabric. Dry denim, in contrast to washed denim, is a denim fabric that is not washed after being dyed during its production. Much of the appeal of dry denim lies in the fact that over time the fabric will fade in a way that attempts to artificially replicate denim. With dry denim, however, such discoloration is affected by the body of the person who wears jeans and the activities of their daily lives. This creates something that looks more natural, unique than pre-distressed denim. In denim washing, some basic chemicals are used, such as anti-back staining agent, detergent, soda ash, enzyme, stone, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, potassium permanganate, bleach, Meta, hypo, softener, etc.



Quality Control



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